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I'm pretty sure most people are glad when it's Friday, but I am counting down the hours until it's 5:00 and I can take a real break from the office. I really like it here and like the people I work with, but it has been a week. Everyone who still works here seriously needs a weekend because the count of people leaving this week is now up to three. Three. And like I said yesterday, this is a small firm. We've only got ten people left, including me, so it's kind of a big deal when someone leaves. The lady who got fired today (Lisa, and Ashlee too, it seems) found another job, so I'm guessing she was fired on the principle that she had gone to the extent of not just looking for a new job, not just finding one, but also talking to some people in the office about it. I mean, if you're considering another job that seriously, it's almost a matter of your boss's pride to fire you. I guess Ashlee just took the cowardly way out with her new job; I have no idea how many people knew she had found something else, but Sheila sure didn't, and I'm pretty sure Sheila was the one she principally worked under. And even if you're looking for another job, it's just a shitty thing to do to not tell anyone that you've decided to leave.

But man, I'm frazzled. I'm not particularly worried about being fired myself, but all these people leaving is just disruptive. As soon as Lisa left, someone called for her. I think it was a relative or something, but I hadn't yet had time to ask anyone what to do when anyone called for her, so there's now a voicemail on Lisa's phone that will just be lost, I suppose. And all the clients knew the receptionist and Ashlee by name, so they're all confused and asking about them, and I just have to kind of skirt the topic because as far as I know, the protocol in this situation is to gloss over sensitive inter-office topics.

Ugh. I want a drink.
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