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The answer is no, it's 3:00. Dang.

But OH that feeling when you're working the front desk on account of the newest receptionist being fired and a client tells you that they hope you stick around because they like you. And then you have to kind of hem and haw and talk about how you have other things you want to do with your life so you wouldn't be around much longer anyway and so on because hey look, they're actually letting you go in a couple of weeks.

Our latest receptionist was very nice. A little too nice. It got on your nerves pretty easily. She also talked non-stop, was slow with her few duties (spending more time going to the bathroom and cleaning things she wasn't supposed to, which is nice but means more important work is going left undone), and kept sending things to the wrong people. Anyway, she was relieved of her duties on Monday, the same day I was also informed that I was going to be let go after my vacation the first week of March. I had been expecting this. The new file girl, Nicole, is intelligent and quick to learn. Also, I was going to be leaving this job at some point in the near future anyway. ALSO, a lot of the duties relegated to us file clerks weren't things that file clerks were supposed to do; we were honestly more like assistants to the assistants in that regard, and working way above our pay-grade. That was the only reason I begged them to hire someone else in the first place, because I was overloaded with things to do. But they've recently realized all we've been doing and are reorganizing the workloads so that the file clerk will go back to her regular heavy workload. It only weighs enough for one person, though.

So here I am, working reception until they find a new receptionist, likely training her, and then having my first paid vacation before resigning. All in all, I think this turned out pretty well. I was really starting to want a change of venue anyway, and I need to start doing my ESL teaching certification class, so this will allow much more time for that, as well as an opportunity to try a new line of work.

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to all. I have a sushi lady-date tonight, which is sure to be lovely, and tomorrow is Friday. EXCELLENT ON ALL FRONTS.
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