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Top Gear (the UK version, i.e. the truly good one) is one of those shows that I enjoy watching over and over for a variety of reasons that never seem to run out of rhyme.

1. It makes me so enthusiastic about living, about getting into the world and finding the perfect job for me just like these crazy petrolheads have done for themselves, and just having the best time ever with my daily work.

2. It is a lovely example of how you CAN find excellent friends starting purely through a mutual interest and/or work.

3. It makes me thirstier than ever to learn about cars, models and styling and bodywork and fixing them and which ones race best and which ones look like they're good but are really crap because of cheap material and which ones go like lightning and which ones go so much like lightning that they're illegal because it is really quite dangerous to drive lightning, you know, and how to drive them round a track like I've got a crazed wasp in the cab with me without actually injuring myself or destroying an extremely expensive car.

4. It drives that fantasy of mine to get myself in a European supercar and flog a track with it, or just storm across Europe like JJ&R do all the time.

Where does one go to learn car? I mean, do you have to just follow some mechanics around for a year? Is it a matter of buying some old, cheap thing, finding the manual for it, and then just... tinkering until it goes?

I need to get in with the Top Gear gurus, clearly.
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