Nov. 8th, 2012

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STILL NO SKETCHBOOK, but they said 1-2 weeks and it has actually only been 9 days since I signed up. Where did I get all this time? It used to pass so quickly I could barely catch my breath. It's amazing what changing your perspective can do.

NANOWRIMO INSPIRATION. I think making myself edit fanfiction was a good idea, because it made my brain remember why it likes writing. And as I'm up at reception again today and currently have nothing else to do (not for long, I don't think, but so it goes), I got a pretty good bit of writing out on my second idea. And I was plot-inspired for it, so now I have two highly viable ideas to work with. HURRAY.

And my life only gets more exciting. My mom is going away for the weekend to learn a new type of massage, so I will pretty much have the house to myself!

This honestly means absolutely nothing, because I pretty much do exactly what I do when there are other people in the house anyway. I might keep odder hours, since there's no mother to tell me to go to bed at any specific time (more out of habit than actual function) and no one to hear the creaking stairs and floorboards if I sneak down to the kitchen for midnight tea and snacks, but that's about it, if that. Having to get up at 6:45 every day of the business week really regulates your sleep schedule, which surprises no one else, I'm sure, but I hadn't ever really thought I would be able to wake up that consistently early in the morning. College schedules were what they were, but I sure wasn't able to wake up easily back in high school. Aging. What is up with that stuff.



I work at a small law firm that handles rather a lot of clients for its size (or so I think, but I don't really know; I got this job by a stroke of good luck and really have no experience in law besides what I've learned here), so there's a lot to be done on a day-to-day basis.

I walk in Monday and say hi to the receptionist as usual, but an hour later and she's gone because she got fired. I don't really know why, though I have my suspicions. Regardless, that put a strain on everybody because we already run around like headless chickens most of the time trying to get everything done (my job was actually supposed to be temporary, but that was in June. I have continued to be needed because they honestly just needed another person to fill in the gaps); we had to start splitting front desk duty between me and this other file clerk (Ashlee), and that meant someone's work going undone, which is always inconvenient.

Yesterday, Ashlee couldn't come in because her kid was sick, so I sat at the front. And today again she didn't show up, so again I sat at the front. But she didn't text me today like she did the day before, and she didn't text anyone else either. That was odd, but I didn't think much of it; maybe she just overslept or something. But half an hour ago, while discussing all of my work that's piling up in back with one of the legal assistants (Sheila), I heard that she's just gone. She isn't working here anymore. Without telling anyone, she just quit. I didn't ask if she'd said why because Sheila was already pretty upset, but damn. We have a new receptionist starting Monday, but Ashlee leaving means having to find someone to fill her position, which is significantly harder to fill than reception (and means so much more work for everyone else), and then someone will have to train the new girl. My work is the least immediately time-sensitive, so that will fall to me, which is kind of mind-boggling. I mean, I'm 23 and started working here just to fill in for Ashlee when she was on maternity leave back in June, but kept on working here because they kept having stuff for me to do; I know only what I've learned here about the world of law; this is my first serious job (by accident). And I'm going to be training someone on Monday.

Funny how this job was supposed to be temporary a few months ago, but now I'm kind of an integral part of the team. Life comes at you fast, man. Always surprising.


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