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Still no Sketchbook, so of course that's what I feel like working on...

NaNoWriMo is going as I should have expected; I officially switched ideas, but less than an hour after that, was suddenly plot-inspired on my first idea. So I think I'll just write on both ideas as the inspiration comes, make myself try to write during downtime, and just see if one of them comes up 50,000 words strong by the 30th.

Russian still sucks. The language would be pretty cool if I didn't have to be in the class for it.



Because I'm working the reception desk at my job today and I have already finished all the work I could do up here (scanning, always with the scanning). I don't mind having to work the front, so long as I don't have to do it every day; I much prefer the safety of the file room, away from a constantly ringing phone and clients who are just mad at everybody because life doesn't work out for them at the snap of their fingers (a bunch of them are super nice and a real pleasure to talk to, but the select few that aren't really make up for their smaller numbers). But back in the file room, there is always something to do, so it's nice to have the occasional light work day where I just answer phones and hand out checks and scan things.

Now that I have nothing to do, of course, my mind is trying to think up other things to do. And what it thinks of, instead of the numerous other things I could be doing, is fanfiction. I write fanfiction, to inform all those adoring fans out there who were just dying to know. There are just so many of you. Oh. Oh no. What to do.

Another fact: I am also kind of insane about my writing, which is a stupid thing to be when one is also the sort of writer that churns out a bunch of stuff in sporadic bursts, then leaves it in a dark corner for a few years. I mean, that works well enough with short stories, but chaptered stories turn into a major pain in the brain. I find myself re-reading them in order to, you know, add more in the hopes that maybe they'll be over someday, and wouldn't you just know that I start finding all sorts of problems that I simply can't allow to exist. I have seen them, and they can never be unseen, and obviously I can't have the Internet thinking that I would make such silly mistakes. Not in my fanfiction. So then I re-write everything, and re-post, and sometimes actually add new content. Then I leave them alone to mold again until the next time I remember them, and the process starts all over. But I have resolved that this latest re-write I'm attempting (for both of my chaptered stories, one at 7 chapters, the other at 20) will be the last, and then my insanity can just take a walk.

I mean, it's fanfiction, for God's sake. I'm all about writing to the best of my abilities, but this is ridiculous.

And all that was basically my way of saying that that's what I'm going to go do now. Because I know you were all about to wet yourselves with curiosity.


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